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“Programs on the basics of personal finance are crucial to the success of young people.”
Sue Watts, youth counsellor
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In this section you will find information to assist you as a financial literacy practitioner. We have provided a list of CCFL Facilitator Activity Sheets that accompany the Community Facilitator Toolbox used by CCFL trained facilitators as well as Additional Resources to support you and your participants, including links to related websites.

Visit often! This section will be updated regularly. We encourage organizations who have created financial literacy tools and resources to share them with the rest of the country so that we can start building a strong community of practice. This is the beginning of our CCFL Knowledge Exchange, a CCFL Facilitator Network where ideas and resources can be acknowledged, shared and built upon.

Please email us the financial literacy tools and resources that you are willing to share to . Submissions are subject to approval to ensure fit and relevance.








Financial Empowerment

Financial Empowerment
Improving financial outcomes for low-income households
Financial Empowerment is a new approach to poverty reduction that focuses on improving the financial security of low-income people.

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